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Alto ventos est coeptis utque fecit. Phoebe sine circumfuso arce. Tanto aliis. Matutinis cornua origo formaeque animal mundo. Chaos: fabricator. Natura mundo caesa addidit. Cuncta habendum meis omni ille formaeque emicuit septemque et. Lege fecit aethere porrexerat gentes horrifer formas.

Alto ventos est coeptis utque fecit. Phoebe sine circumfuso arce. Tanto aliis. Matutinis cornua origo formaeque animal mundo. Chaos: fabricator. Natura mundo caesa addidit. Cuncta habendum meis omni ille formaeque emicuit septemque et. Lege fecit aethere porrexerat gentes horrifer formas.

A rifle for fighting, not for fun: India must give more thought to the foot soldier and his weapon

The Marshal Campaign Archibald Wavell, who was a distinguished infantryman with the British Army before becoming a viceroy, slightly less distinguished from India, wrote: “Let’s be clear about three things: first, all battles and all Wars are won, in the end, by the infantry.

Second, infantry still carry heavy weight; Their losses are heavier, suffering from hassle and extreme fatigue more than other combat weapons. Third, the art of infantry is less formulated and much more difficult to acquire in modern war than any other arm. ”

“My rifle is my best friend.It is my life.I have to master how I must master my life.Without me, my rifle is useless.Without my rifle, I am useless.I have to change my weapon.I must call Straighter than my enemy who He’s trying to kill me. I shoot him before he shoots me. ”

In the battle cry of the 1953 sales success by Leon Uris, a Navy recruiter is punished for transgression to call a gun a gun to be invited to round out the training camp, naked and singing: “It’s my Rifle, this is my weapon. This is for the fight, this is for fun! ”

In military jargon, a weapon can be anything that shoots a missile. A howitzer (shoot projectiles at high trajectories) is a gun, just like the barrel. The pistol is a specific weapon used by a soldier.

This is a gun shot from the shoulder with a long spiral slotted barrel to spin a ball and therefore have greater accuracy over a long distance. This is especially a soldier used to do his job. Stalin said: “The only real power that comes out of a long weapon.”

US General Douglas MacArthur is usually put into context when he said: “He who said that the pen is mightier than the sword, obviously never found has automatic weapons.”

Its development is due to a well-known study after the Second World War on the way of use of arms by the childhood of America in the combat by the military analyst of brigade SLA Marshall.

The study found that most infantrymen used their guns very little, preferring to take cover and shoot from time to time. It was also found that infantrymen most likely firing their guns were the closest of a soldier firing a Browning automatic rifle.

This is because when the man fired BAR, he managed to loosen a wide bow in front of him. When he did this, the enemy soldiers were low and infantrymen at his side, he could receive up to the cover and shoot his guns. This clearly suggests the need for further deployment of automatic weapons.

The reader may wonder why a small caliber gun, when it seems like for most things in life, more is better? This change of thinking in relation to firearms was the result of three observations.

First, a large size (diameter of the ball), a gauge of 7.65 mm or 0.30, requires a large explosive charge to drive at the desired speed up to 800 meters per second. The descent, as a result of this explosive charge in the automatic firing mode, the weapon has often made virtually uncontrollable. Not only was the soldier unable to aim correctly, but the decrease often resulted in injuries.

Another observation was that what was needed was not the gun of a precise shot shooter up to 800 meters. Statistical analysis of US Army firing in World War II and the Korean and Vietnam wars revealed that 90% of them were on ants less than 300 meters and 70% at 200 meters or less.

Sensex closes 64.09 points up ahead of midnight GST roll-out

The owner of IndiGo Airlines, InterGlobe Aviation Ltd, fell 5.82% in the NSE after the company has expressed interest in buying business abroad from Air India.

Sensex closed 64.09 points before implementing midnight GST

The benchmark index of the Bombay Sensex Stock ended 64 points for 30 921.61 Friday overcoming the losses caused by a sense of caution in the market before the introduction of the goods and services tax at midnight.

Asian markets weak after losses on Wall Street overnight also hurt investors’ confidence in early trading, before the Sensex only recovers from that mint.

The Nifty National Stock ended 16.80 points, after touching a minimum of 9,448.75 in the morning operations.

“There is a kind of profit-reserve and lateral consolidation in the market, so most areas are volatile,” said Siddharth Sedani, Head, and Vice-President, in the view of equity Anand Rathi.

However, the BSE index fell 1.03% in the week and 1.04% in the month, while the NSE registered a monthly decrease of 1.4%.

ITC won most of Sensex Friday, ending 12.20 points Rs 323.60 per share. The four winners were Sun Pharma Laboratories, Cipla, Tata Steel and Dr. Reddy.

The top five BSE losers were Tata Motors (DVR), MotoCorp hero, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and Reliance Industries of Mukesh Ambani.

At Nifty, the top five winners were Baroda Bank, ITC, Sun Pharma, Cipla and Bharat Petroleum. Five stocks fell most were Tata Motors (DVR), Indiabulls Housing Financing, Tech Mahindra, Eicher Motors and Tata Power.

The owner of IndiGo Airlines, InterGlobe Aviation Ltd, fell 5.82% in the NSE after falling 2.2% on Thursday as the company has expressed interest in buying the international operations of Air India, which is privatized by the government.

Other Asian markets had a particularly bad day, with four major indices ending five red, CNN Money reported.

The Japanese Nikkei fell 186.87 points, the Hong Kong Hang Seng 200 points or 0.77% and the Taiwan TSEC 50 to 26.58 points. Only the SE Shanghai Corporate Index rose slightly to close 4.36 points 3192.43.

No dual MRP from next year, products on e-commerce platforms will have to carry retail price: Centre

The new labeling standards are part of the changes in the Standards on Legal Metrology (packaged products), 2011.

Do not double MRP next year, products on e-commerce platforms should use selling price: Center

Products sold on e-commerce websites and medical devices declared as medicines, such as stents, should carry the maximum selling price and other vital information from 2018, according to the new Government labeling rules, said Thursday PTI.

The Minister of Food and Consumer Affairs, Ram Vilas Paswan, approved the amendments to the Regulation on Legal Metrology (Bulk) 2011, which will enter into force on January 1, 2018.

“The products of e-commerce platforms [will be] See the statements required by the amended standards,” the statement said. “Medical devices reported as drugs [were] subject to the rules”.

The amended standards also prohibit double MRM from being printed on products “unless authorized by law.” The government said medical devices and products were sold depending on the customer’s ability to pay, although MRP is marked on these products.

The government believes that the new rules will benefit consumers in general, because there are complaints against double MRP for items sold in public places such as cinemas, airports and shopping centers.

“Products shown by vendors on e-commerce platforms must contain statements required by standards such as the name and address of the manufacturer, packer and importer, product name, net content, sales price, consumer demand , Size, etc., “the statement said.

Among the other changes introduced, there is an increase in the font size of the letters and numbers on the labels so that consumers can easily read them. Electronic coding has also been introduced, while bar coding and QR coding have become voluntary.

The provisions on food information are also complied with the labeling rules in the Food Safety and Fitness Act of 2006.

Warren Buffett must beat out hedge fund king in Oncor bid

Warren Buffett must beat out hedge fund king in Oncor bid

Warren Buffett hates to fight. Paul Singer lives by it.

Now the two billionaires have crossed paths in pursuit of valuable utility from Texas.

Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway launched an agreement for Oncor Electric Delivery that could put an end to the biggest bankruptcy of the decade.

Hedge fund Singer Elliott Management, opposes the terms of the offer of 16 billion dollars Berkshire have been established in a death-based approach.

The shock has left Buffett in a place he would rather avoid. The man of 86, who has had a friendly ambition to consolidate the firm’s acquisitions, is now facing the choice to sweeten the deal to complete a hedge fund, fight or walk.

But singer has a big stick. His fund is now the largest creditor of the bankrupt company Oncor, accumulating 2.9 billion of TXU Energy’s debt over the past few months, which gives it firepower in its attempt to torpedo an agreement according to him, not Adequately covers these debts.

And the famous disputed army Elliott prepares Buffett if he wants to go ahead with his offer.

“Whatever Berkshire Hathaway is willing to invest more money on, I have no idea,” said Oncor CEO Bob Shapard in an interview. “Will Berkshire be held just to honor and that Elliott proves they can offer a higher bid or are they going to negotiate something?”

Berkshire did not respond to requests for comments. Elliott declined to comment.

The sale of Oncor would be the last step to put an end to the relative three-year bankruptcy of Future Energy, formerly known as TXU Corp.

The end result of a leveraged purchase amortized by KKR, TPG Capital and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners.

The settlement proposed by Berkshire requires the blessing of the bankruptcy court. Elliott presents the diagram of an offer worth more than Buffett $ 300 million.

Any increase in the cash price directly benefits the younger bonds, which are largely made by Elliott, according to Shapard.

Buffett has moved away from offers that have faced resistance.

This year, Berkshire and 3G Capital have agreed to set up $ 15 billion to support Kraft’s Heinz Unilever offer, only on the basis of a “friendly” agreement, Buffett said in May at its annual meeting.

When Unilever said the offer had undervalued the company, the billionaire and his partner stopped the search.

However, despite its high reputation, it can sometimes cause a problem.

In 2011, Berkshire tried to break an agreement, making an unsolicited $ 3.25 billion bid for Transatlantic Holdings, which had agreed to be bought by another reinsurer. He noted in a letter in 2016 that some hostile offers are justified.

Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett announced an agreement to acquire Oncor Electric Delivery, the Dallas-based utility that maintains power lines in North Texas.

“There are many examples of Warren Buffett who does things differently than he described,” said Meyer Shields, an analyst at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods. “He did everything he could to make money for himself and for our shareholders.”

Wells Fargo Lost ‘Tens of Millions’ in Muni and State Deals After Scandal

Wells Fargo Lost ‘Tens of Millions’ in Muni and State Deals After Scandal

Wells Fargo & Co. lost “tens of millions of dollars” in United City revenues and clients since the eruption of a consumer sales scandal 10 months ago, Chief Financial Officer John Shrewsberry said.

Shrewsberry said the decrease is not important for Wells Fargo’s profits, but added that the company is working to restart the activity.

Ancel Martinez, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco-based lender, said the loss of revenue is due to $ 20 million to $ 30 million by 2017.

“I do not want to downplay it,” Shrewsberry said Friday in a telephone interview. “If we have these angry customers, we want to compete and demonstrate how we have improved things and won their business.”

California, Illinois, and cities including New York, Chicago and Seattle have stopped some transactions with Wells Fargo, such as using the bank to sell municipal bonds, after accepting September 8 to pay $ 185 million to settle claims in Under which employees who try to achieve sales goals open accounts without the authorization of customers.

The Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission are studying.

Former Public Finance Director Wells Fargo, Peter Hill, left in April to take up a similar position at UBS Group AG.

Nancy Feldman, who previously led the public transportation finances, assumed the leadership position following the departure of Interitaire Hill.

The bank does not report the profits generated by its government unit and institutional business.

However, during a presentation on Wells Fargo Investor Day in May, the company said the group generated 4% – or about $ 1.14 trillion – turnover of $ 28.5 trillion from the wholesale division in 2016 About half the total of the unit comes from government clients, the presentations showed.

New business

Most government clients, including “Someone said:” We are angry with Wells Fargo “” still do business with the bank, “said Shrewsberry.

“The economy has not changed much,” he said. “It’s not like the whole relationship of movement.”

The wholesale division of Wells Fargo fell to 4.6 percent of sales in the second quarter, according to a statement on Friday.

The company said business with government agencies resumed during the second half of the quarter, resulting in loan balances of $ 1.1 billion.

The lender has recently lent 500 million dollars in California despite state-imposed sanctions for the bank, Tim Sloan, CEO, analysts said Friday during a conference call.

In April, Nevada has agreed to extend its banking agreement until 2021, Wells Fargo said in a statement.

A Bridal Chain Closes. Scrambling Ensues.

A Bridal Chain Closes. Scrambling Ensues.

These Bridezillas have a legitimate excuse.

The reason is this: Alfred Angelo has abruptly closed his more than 60 weddings shops Wednesday, leaving brides of the race to see if they could get the dresses they had commissioned. On Friday, the company filed for bankruptcy.

The closures have added an element of panic in a wedding process often filled with stress and brides and bridesmaids shared their exasperation on Twitter and Facebook.

They rushed to determine the status of their orders and store employees were tempted to explain the situation.

Cyndi Whitten Houston, whose daughter asked for a $ 1500 Alfred Angelo dress for her wedding in October, said:

“It has become the hardest and most stressful part of all. I just wanted to sit there and burst into tears because the easy part of your daughter’s wedding is not so easy.”

The company, which opened in 1933, did not respond to phone calls and emails for comment. Patricia Redmond, a lawyer representing Alfred Angelo, did not respond to a phone call.

In a letter to clients obtained by The New York Times, Mrs. Redmond wrote that the company “encourage” the trustee to “finish and fulfill as many orders as possible.”

“The company regrets that this action has a dramatic impact on you,” said Mrs. Redmond in the letter.

Despite the tumult after the closure Alfred Angelo said nothing about the situation publicly.

Some clients have noticed that the company had closed its doors after finding signs placed in the closed doors.

A privately held Delray Beach, Florida-based Alfred Angelo gown sold its 1,400 other retailers, in addition to operating its own stores, according to its website.

Like other leather goods companies, they faced the pressure of creating bridal fashion and traditional retailers pushing prices down. In its bankruptcy filing, the company said it had no more than $ 50,000 in assets, but more than $ 50 million in liabilities.

Competitors were quick to capitalize on the demise of the company. David’s Bride has offered discounts to Alfred Angelo’s customers if they can show a store receipt, and free changes.

The failure of Alfred Angelo Pacifico brought Alex and his colleagues into the company’s leather store near Dayton, Ohio, to spend Thursday on guerrilla career courses.

They struggled to get the clothed customers they had commissioned and were told to customers to take samples they had on hand.

However, other members of his girlfriends and weddings were not so lucky.

Christine Danielle, who also lives in Houston, ordered a bridal retailer dressed in May to wear a wedding. As of Friday afternoon, she could not determine what the $ 195 dress was.

“There are no changing rooms, no refunds,” Danielle said.

With the brides, the Alfred Angelo employees were also left out. Pacific fears of not being paid for the hours worked this week and will lose their sales commissions.

Amazon’s deal with Whole Foods should be scrutinized by Congress, lawmaker says

Amazon’s deal with Whole Foods should be scrutinized by Congress, lawmaker says

A member of the House urges Congress to hold a hearing to discuss the acquisition of whole foods proposed by Amazon from a 14 billion merger that critics say could fix cable innovation and injure workers.

The agreement could affect grocery stores and consumers across the country, said David Cillicine representative (DR.I.), the first MP Democrat in the House subcommittee on regulatory reform, trade and defense right The competition said Thursday in a statement: “Congress has the responsibility to examine this merger before it happens. Failure to do so is a bad service to our constituents.”

In a letter presented to the panel’s Republican leaders, Cillicine focuses on Amazon’s online retail domain and the opportunity for the e-commerce giant to use its control over whole foods unfairly disadvantage other companies.
“This transaction comes during a long period of economic concentration that has already led to lower wages and labor mobility,” said the representative, “allowing essentially a small number of monopolists to accumulate the fruits of economic growth.”

Amazon declined to comment on the matter. Amazon Chief of Staff Jeffrey P. Bezos also owns The Washington Post.

The cillicine is not the only member of Congress to require careful examination of the transaction. Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), Which is a Silicon Valley district, told CNBC last month that the acquisition would “damage local grocery stores.”

The agreement could have important implications for the future of grocery stores and on-demand delivery services, analysts said.

“This is not what Amazon gets, but what Amazon can do with them is to adjust the distribution,” said James Bailey, an administration professor at George Washington University.

The purchase of Amazon must be approved by federal regulators – probably the Federal Trade Commission – before it can continue.

But competition experts differ on whether the acquisition is expected to generate warning signals. Historically, operations with companies in different industries have obtained a pass, especially if they are prone to driving at lower prices.

Amazon has made competition from market prices and from proven competition willing to suffer financial losses.

Sometimes met with the company in trouble. In 2013, Amazon has settled an antitrust lawsuit filed by publishers, including Harper Collins, Hachette and Penguin, which accused Amazon of pricing eBooks.

However, some consolidation opponents recognize that the Amazon-Whole Foods case may be difficult for regulators to refuse.

As for general industry groceries, Whole Foods only control the single digit percentages of the market – and Amazon, and even less. (Critics of the agreement argue that regulators should consider procurement in the broader context of electronic commerce, not just grocery stores.)

“There are a lot of people scared by the sheer size of Amazon, but it’s not clear to me that there is no harm to direct competition in this transaction,” said Gene Kimmelman, president of consumer group Public Knowledge.

Lighting should have made pilots aware of potential disaster

Lighting should have made pilots aware of potential disaster

Researchers who blatantly look at the narrow call that involves a passenger plane that hit the ground plane at San Francisco International Airport will try to determine why the pilots have made such a mistake rookie and almost landed in a road traffic Intense instead of the track.

Air Canada The plane with 140 people on board arrived less than 100 feet to crash into the first two planes filled with passengers ready to take off.

The tracks are filled with rows of white lights and other lights system on the side of the guide track helps the drivers to their offspring.

However, taxiways have blue lights at the edges and green lights at the center.

“Lighting is different for good reason,” said Steven Wallace, a former director of accident investigation at the Federal Aviation Administration.
“Some of these visual errors are hard to believe, but one team stops thinking” This is the clue “and this is not the case.”

Then there is the radio transmission in which one of the Air Canada pilots seemed puzzled to see what appeared to be another light aircraft on the runway.

Safety experts said it would have led the crew to halt their approach long before they have done so.

When investigators interview pilots, they will focus on understanding how mistakes occurred “and why they did not understand the sequence of errors,” said John Cox, security consultant and former pilot airline.

Researchers will examine the drivers’ use of automated flight systems, their manual flight skills and their interaction with uncertainty, he said.

National Council of Transportation Safety Researchers in the United States can occur this weekend and interview the traffic of pilots and air controllers, a spokesman for the agency said on Friday.

The information from the flight data recorder will be examined, telling you the exact location of the aircraft and how it has been administered.

They also listen to the voice recorder in the cockpit, which may indicate if the pilots have focused on their work or distracted.

The Canada Transportation Safety Card said that the Air Canada aircraft had skimmed only 100 feet on top of two standby aircraft.

After an air traffic controller ordered them to leave the landing, the pilots fired their Airbus A320, just in time, in circles and landed on the correct runway. There were no injuries.

The summary of the Canadian agency was the first official version of the danger of the situation.

An Air Canada spokesman said he could not comment because the incident is under investigation. She refused to describe the amount of pilot experience.

A recording of radio calls between the pilots and the control tower detected the uncertainty in the cockpit of Air Canada when the plane approached shortly before midnight on July 7.

One of the pilot radioed the tower that saw the lights – presumably other aircraft – on the runway. An air traffic controller has assured him that the runway was clear.

After a pilot apparently one of the ground planes said that the Air Canada aircraft was heading directly to the taxiway, a driver instructing the Air Canada crew to stop the landing.

As Alfred Angelo closes all stores, here’s what brides-to-be can do

As Alfred Angelo closes all stores, here’s what brides-to-be can do

Bride-to-be Darlene Mejia, 27, waited nervously Friday morning outside the Alfred Angelo store closed on Tyler Street and Magnolia Avenue in Riverside.

Her $ 1000 dress, a white strapless dress with a skirt and full-bodied blouse, was paid to the store to be pressured to her marriage on July 22.

Mejia was in disbelief when she had a message for 6 hours from her mother.

“The store is closed,” he told Mejia. “You’d better see if you can get her dress.”

She tried the phone numbers that appear on a note engraved on the workshop door, but only recordings. He wondered why someone from the store did not call Thursday when they were still open.

Fortunately for her, Mejia found the dress, although her candles were missing.

Alfred Angelo, one of the largest manufacturers and retailers around the world for wedding dresses, has closed its 60 stores in the United States when Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed.

The retailer, known for its theme Disney designs has also partnered with some 1,400 retailers.

“I really try to stay calm, but all the money we put on these dresses,” said Mejia.

On Friday afternoon, Mejía told the person to alter cargo and ironing clothes for the store has a Rancho Cucamonga store, where work is done. His cousin made calls and found himself.

The dress was safe, the merchant told her. As for candles, you can buy another set, but within a few days of understanding that.

Married parties or girlfriends who have been hit by the sudden closures were invited to contact Patricia A. Redmond’s attorney with Stearns law firm Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff and Sitterson in Miami. Redmond could not be reached on Friday and his assistant could not provide any information either.

“We have no comment right now,” he said.

Tory Dean, a store manager at Dresser Bridal Couture in Fullerton, said she thought something was happening before the stores were closed abruptly.

“We got the air out last weekend,” he said. “We did a few walks at the door that went to Alfred Angelo’s store in Brea through the Brea mall, and they told me that the store was not able to order dresses – everything that was in the store has been reduced. They went shopping with us. ”

For Redlands bride, Brenda Taylor, 37, frustration and disappointment made her consider canceling her wedding in July next summer.

After looking for a dress for a year, she finally found a Riverside Alfred Angelo store that she loved and had it in her size – Jasmine dress up the Disney collection.

Taylor had paid for most and would complete the purchase when the dress was ready this fall, he said.

After learning that the company had closed, he tried to call different stores and rushed to one in Ontario because the phone number was still working, only to see a shelf inside the closed doors dresses, he said .

Taylor said she thinks she is unlikely to get back her deposit.

“I’ve worked a lot of extra time to pay.It’s like $ 1,000 was gone,” Taylor said.I’m almost to the point where I say “forget the wedding.”

To react quickly with weddings, brides and Angelo clients you may be lucky.

Corali López-Castro, partner Kozyak Tropin and Throckmorton, took over retail failures in the past.

CEO of JPMorgan: ‘It’s almost embarrassing being an American citizen’

CEO of JPMorgan: ‘It’s almost embarrassing being an American citizen’

NEW YORK – Since the election of Trump’s President, Jamie Dimon has emerged as one of the most important voices on Wall Street to Washington.

JPMorgan Chase CEO is a member of the White House business advisory board and is chairman of the powerful Business Roundtable.

However, in a series of calls Friday to discuss the bank’s quarterly earnings, Dimon has avoided his frustration over the blockade in Washington.

“It’s almost embarrassing to be a US citizen … and listen to the stupid – we have to address in this country,” Dimon said in a conference call.

The inability to move forward in meaningful legislation is “we remember and it hurts the average American.” This is not a republican affair; This is not a democratic issue. ”

Dimon has resisted calls for resignation from Trump’s business consulting firm and failed to criticize the Republican Friday.

“We have become one of the most bureaucratic, confusing and conflictive societies on the planet,” he said. “… And at some point, we should all act together or we will not do what we must do for average Americans.”
Given the great recession, the country’s economy grew 1.5% to 2% despite “stupidity and political stagnation because the US business sector is powerful and strong,” Dimon said.

“What I am saying is a much stronger growth if we make intelligent decisions and have not been blocked.”

The generally affable Dimon bears the country’s largest bank with more than $ 2 trillion in assets and Dimon calls balance “strength.”

This has made Dimon one of the most influential forces on Wall Street to Washington. This influence seems to increase. In February, when Trump announced a broad effort to alleviate Wall Street regulations, notably the Dodd Frank financial reform measures adopted in 2010, highlighted Dimon’s potential contribution.

“There’s no one better to talk about Dodd-Frank than Jamie,” Trump said, gesturing at the 61-year-old executive to go across the table.

Critics of the Washington Dimon channels came as some of the major banks – JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Citigroup – Friday announced larger than expected quarterly earnings.

Banks said they had benefited from a slight increase in interest rates.

JP Morgan’s second quarter earnings rose 13% to $ 7 billion over the same period last year. Revenue rose 5 percent to 26 billion.

Earnings for the second quarter of Wells Fargo amounted to $ 5.8 billion compared to $ 5.56 billion in 2016. Citigroup, net profit fell about 3% to $ 3.87 billion second quarter, But analysts’ expectations still surpassed.

“Banks are taking advantage of the healthy economy and raising their lending, which will improve results in the future,” said Ken Leon, a banking industry analyst for CFRA.